A Tribute to an Artist of Innovation !

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Goodbye Steve!

               Remembering Steve as an entrepreneur only  would certainly  underrate his successful life. A leader, Marketer and above  all an artist of technological innovations suit the  man of  this stature . Life of Steve jobs is exemplary for whole world  especially when  model of capitalism has proved to be an unrestrained  pursuit of  wealth by wealthy. Contrary to Greedy & reckless  system of US capitalism that built complex financial Instruments and Wall street derivatives, Business Ideology of Steve jobs was stakeholder’s  friendly which created markets, created needs and created demand for products.

Steve, who could not even finish off  his engineering due to poor economic conditions started his venture in Garage. His perseverance, efforts & grit created and led Apple Inc to Zenith of  success.

Steve was  extraordinary, a genius who born only once in centuries. World would not have been same today without this artist of Technological-Innovation who also learned spirituality in youth when  came to India.

Desktop PC, Machintosh OS, iPod, Macbook, ipad, iphone, itune, only an artist of innovation can paint such series of success.

Hats off to Steve for the great innings!


Nuggets of Wisdom for Entreprenuers

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Be Early .You can make your mistake while it is cheap to make them,when there is no competition.Do not exaggerate inyour business plan .Under commiut and overdeliver.

Great People -Sell them the vision ,the idea and share the wealth,Be generous with offering stock.If you are starting a business to make money.Better avoid.Chances are you may fail,because there will be hard times .And if your motivation is not something beyond money,those hard times may test you.You will quit and go back to your job.But if you are doing something other than money ,you will rough it through hard times.

Life is what our thoughts make it !

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Some days ago ,I was asked to answer this question ‘What is the biggest lesson you have ever learned ‘.And my answer was importance of what we think.If I know what you think ,I would know what you are.Our thought makes us what we are.Our attitude determines our fate .

A man is what he thinks about a day long .How could he possibly be anything else?Yes if we think happy thoughts we will be happy .If we think miserable thoughts ,we will be miserable.If we think failure we are certainly going to fail.

Milton in his blindness discovered the truth three hundred years ago :

The mind is in its own place and in itself can make a heaven of hell,a hell of heaven.

Napolean and helen Keller are the perfect example of Milton Statement .Napolean had everything  men usually crave -Glory,Power,Riches.Yet he said ‘I have not known six happy days of my life ‘.While Helen Keller -blind,deaf,dumb declared “I have found life so beautiful”.

Really speaking If life has taught me anything at all,It has taught me that “Nothing cab bring you peace but yourself”.

Straight from the gut

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Always be a good student !
A teacher can become good only when he teaches from the heart and good student is good as long as he is disciplined and willing to learn always under all circumstances. Respecting the teacher is one quality of good student.It prevails since the ages. Eklavya story of Mahabharat could be one example.

Some other good qualities are as follows:
“Kak cheshta,bako dhyanam,shwan nidra tethaivcha
Alpahari,grihatyagi,vidyarthi panch lakshanam”

Good student should also read Karna & Scorpio bite story in Mahabharat where his Guru Parsuram cursed him.
One should aspire to become good student. Arjun and Duryodhan both were the students of Guru Dronacharya in Mahabharat,but Arjun became hero as he was good learner and always respected his Guru while Duryodhana became evil for the society nevertheless both had the same teacher.
Much has changed since Mahabharata but some values like” Students should respect all the teachers “ ” Guru is known by the success and deeds of his students “,are still prevailing at large in our society..

Management Wisdom

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People are often afraid to ask for help or to accept it because they believe that somehow this will show that they are inadequate in their job. If they would think about that for a moment, they would realize that vibrant and professional system is always set up for getting and receiving help. The whole corporate assumption is that certain task and effectiveness in accomplishing these task are sometimes better achieved by groups than by individuals.Employee who insists on being a lone Arranger never involves anyone else thinking he wont be able to get all the credit. On several occasions he and the company both would have been far better off if he had taken the help and used some of talent available to him.
Not asking is such a narrow and shortsighted view. Asking for help is the way to learn , the way to expand your knowledge ,your expertise and your value to the company. It also demonstrate a willingness to work with others.Equally important is knowing ,when asked how to give help. People who are reluctant to share their knowledge ,information , skills with others within their own company are simply not going to have a very strong support system, when they need one.

Policy leads the Leader

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A person perplexed about what to do what action to take is a work blind .He does not see his way to effective action. Policy at such time acts as a lantern. It shows the way to act. When in doubt whether to take one action or the other or when quite foggy about what to do the next. The policy help the Manager to decide .A Manager needs to take effective actions : action which produce the desired result with a high probability and which are likely to produce undesired consequences with a probability. Without a policy to guide him, he can readily be in the blind spot. He would not be in a position to discern or to asses what the result of his actions can be. Using the established policy or if necessary developing a new policy for the use will help him take more effective actions. So one more reason for setting down policies is given here and one more use of policy is indicated .

Use of project plan as a lantern for the work blind is two fold . When the task on which the Manager is engaged has already strategies earlier .He can to refer the various planned actions and the type of discussion that went into crystallizing them .This type of reference will help him decide upon the right action to take

Learning made Easy

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Objectives of any training progamme can be achieved  if trainees have  positive  attitude ,motivation and an open mind to learn and reinforcement,retention,transfer of skills and knowledge take place from trainer to trainee.Besides this ,tools that trainer use plays crucial role in fulfillment of the objectives of training .

Edgar Dale’s cone of experience helps the trainers decide the best possible resources  which may applied in training progamme.

The Cone of Experience

An educator named Edgar Dale, often cited as the father of modern media in education, developed from his experience in teaching and his observations of learners the “cone of experience” . The cone’s utility in selecting instructional resources and activities is as practical today as when Dale created it.